Department of English

Mrs.V.Meenakumari M.A.,M.ED.M.Phil,(Ph.D)

Assistant Professor

Mrs.P.Selvi M.A.,M.Phil.,B.Ed.,

Assistant Professor

Sample Heading

Assistant Professor

Empowering rural women students in communication skills in English.Enabling the students to appreciate literature and to write creatively.To prepare them for employability.

Encouraging students to participate in inter-Collegiate level competitions and seminars.Motivating students to organize inter-collegiate level competitions and seminars.Conducting National Level seminars for teachers.

State Level Students Seminar:


  • Literature on the marginalized(08.10.2014).


  • Inter Collegiate competitions(09.10.2014).


  • Intramural Competitions (10.10.2014).

National Seminar in topic Application of Literary

  • Theories to literature(20.02.2015)