The main objective of the college is to provide University Education to all women students in and around Palani, hailing from economically backward and socially marginalized communities from villages. Students are admitted as per the Government norms.

The college aims to train young women to be good citizens and leaders in all walks of life. Higher education offered to women students empowers them with knowledge and skills in communication and computer literacy. The co-curricular and extra curricular programmes are intended to mould the young women as model citizens. The college fosters an atmosphere for intellectual pursuits, moral endeavour and research culture. The four mantras become the incantation to speed up the progress in women education, women empowerment, Model citizen and Self Reliance

It caters to the needs of rural women students. It offers 13 U.G. Courses and 7 P.G. Courses, including 3 Self supporting Courses. Four Departments have upgraded themselves as Research Centres.

APACW became an autonomous college in 2004 and continues to be affiliated to the Mother Teresa Women’s University, Kodaikanal. It enjoys the freedom of framing its own courses and adopting innovative methods in teaching learning and evaluation. The degrees are conferred by the University, on the students who pass the examinations held by the college.